Trshbg Ocean Cleanup Bag

PADI loves TrshBg because we share both the same passion and mission. The revolutionary and highly functional hip bag allow every diver to become a Torchbearer for our blue planet, cleaning up the ocean on every dive, beach walk, paddle and hike. Made from recycled materials, the bags are so streamlined you’ll never know they are there, until you need to pick up trash.



PADI Gear is closing the loop with Trshbg. Not only is much of our gear made from recycled ocean plastic, now we are bringing you an essential diving accessory to start the clean up process. Made from recycled materials and designed to be extremely comfortable as well as streamlined, this handy hip bag is the perfect diving accessory. Turn your adventure into a dual mission to clean up the planet by attaching the sustainable clean up bag onto your hip and leg anytime you head out. You’ll always be prepared to collect trash in a sanitary manner and then dispose of it properly when you can. Every one who loves our blue planet needs this trash bag.
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TrshBg’s mission is to make every diver and surfer an ocean cleaner. They build sophisticated and task-oriented bags that can stand up to the challenging marine environment while ensuring you have a sophisticated debris collection bag always within arms reach. The bags are extremely well engineered for comfort and to keep trash even in strong currents while keeping you streamlined and the coral reef below you safe. All bags are 80% made of recycled materials including old banners and inner tubes.

The bags are handmade in Indonesia, supporting the local community and providing ongoing income that is not only desperately needed, but in stark comparison to many other destructive, short term occupations. And because they are made from recycled materials, no two bags are alike. Your TrshBg is as unique as you are.