PADI × GOTBAG Boston bag
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PADI × GOTBAG Boston bag
Regular price ¥28,600
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PADI × GOTBAG Boston bag

PADI × GOTBAG Boston bag

This Boston bag is made from recycled marine plastic collected in Indonesia, where the amount of marine plastic waste generated is a problem. After about two years of thorough research, we developed a sustainable bag that combines minimal design and durability.

Approximately 4.5 kg of plastic is collected from the ocean and recycled to produce each Boston bag. It is also coated with an eco-friendly plant-based PU coating, making it highly water resistant. The size allows it to be used for outdoor activities such as diving tours, domestic travel, camping, and as a gym bag.


  • To make one Boston bag, approximately 4.5kg of plastic is removed from the ocean and recycled.
  • Because it has a plant-based PU coating, it is environmentally friendly and highly water resistant.
  • Because it is a welded product, it has a seamless, minimalist design and is highly water resistant.

[Brand characteristics]

  • We collect and recycle ocean waste plastic in Indonesia, which has the second largest amount of plastic waste in the ocean. (Recovery work is being carried out with the cooperation of approximately 2,000 local fishermen.)
  • Marine plastic is collected in Indonesia, cleaned, made into pellets, and transported to China. Commercialized in China.
  • Rail transport is used as the means of transportation from China to Germany. (Because it has the lowest CO2 emissions)
  • plastic free packaging

Material: Outer material: 100 % polyester ( RPET derived from marine plastic)


  • Outside pocket x 1/ inside pocket x 3
  • With shoulder strap
  • Welder crimping process
  • Color: black
  • Size: W: approx. 51 cm / H: approx. 40 cm / D: approx. 24 cm / Capacity : 40L / Weight : approx. 1kg

important point:

  • Due to the characteristics of the material, color may transfer due to friction during use or contact in wet conditions.
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, white marks may appear on the fabric due to friction.
  • Since it uses urethane resin, it may deteriorate over time.