PADI LOVES Meli Wraps for offering a more sustainable, plastic-free way to preserve our food, while doing it stylishly!  Meli Wraps are made from organic cotton and a special beeswax blend to create a natural wrap that helps preserve your food. The wraps stick to themselves and can be washed and re-used for up to a year!


Meli Wraps was born on the island of Kauai in 2015. Life-long friends and neighbors, Melia and Nicole began making these reusable food wraps out of their garage in hopes of reducing single use plastic wrap. After sharing it with their friends and family on the island, Meli Wraps became a hit and Melia and Nicole knew that these needed to be shared beyond the island. Meli Wraps are now proudly made both in Kauai, Hawaii and Bend, Oregon with a team of awesome people.

Meli Wraps are Planet-Friendly Reusable Food Wraps made with organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and plant oils. The wraps can stick to just about anything and with a simple wash of cold water and soap they last about a year. The plant oils keep food fresh naturally and the beeswax lets the cotton stick to most foods and dishes. We strive to keep the designs fun and seasonal and offer a variety of sizes to cover most foods. Re-think the way you preserve food and become a Meli Wrap lover!