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PADI believes that each of us has a great power to protect the "Blue Earth."
By purchasing PADI Gear products, you are contributing to building the world we want.
We will lead the industry towards sustainability.
PADI trusts these brands.
Because we offer products that have a reduced impact on the environment.
These brands share PADI's ocean conservation philosophy.
We are developing sustainable activities that everyone can support.

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PADI chose trshbg as a partner because we share the same passion and mission . With this revolutionary and functional hip bag, every diver can become a torchbearer for a blue planet and clean up the ocean while diving, beach walking or paddling. This bag is made from recycled materials and has a slim, snug design that you won't even notice until you pick up the trash.

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Of course, many of PADI Gear 's items are made from recycled ocean plastic, but trshbg has the diving accessories you need to start cleaning up our oceans today. The trshbg ocean cleanup bag is made from recycled materials and is designed for comfort and rationality. A stylish and sustainable clean-up bag worn on your waist or foot for hygienic collection and proper disposal of waste. Accomplish underwater exploration and cleanup at the same time. PADI Gear believes that everyone who loves the blue planet needs this trash bag.

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trshbg 's mission is to engage all divers and surfers in ocean cleanups. This bag is designed for comfort and functionality, keeping debris in place even in strong currents. By keeping your bag close to your body, you can protect the coral reef below. We use 80 % recycled materials such as old banners and inner tubes. 

trshbg Ocean Cleanup Bags are handmade in Indonesia, providing ongoing economic support to local communities. And because we use recycled materials, no two bags are alike. Your trshbg ocean cleanup bag is one of a kind, just like you!


Trshbg - every diver and surfer an ocean cleaner

Padi diver Scuba Sarah explains why she uses trshbg

Trshbg Ocean Cleanup Bag ¥6,380 tax included
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Tasini raises awareness about the environmental impact of waste plastics while providing innovative solutions. Specifically, the stuffed animals with carabiners feature marine animals in need of protection, and the reusable eco bags are made from recycled plastic. PADI highly values ​​this initiative.
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Tasini eco bag keychain (shark) ¥1,980 tax included
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Tasini eco bag key chain (sea turtle) ¥1,980 tax included
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Let's know about Tasini !

Tasini won the United Nations Innovation for the Environment Award in 2017 . Eco bags that cutely depict marine animals in need of protection are not only practical, but also raise people's interest in marine conservation. The eco bag can be folded into a small size and stored inside a stuffed animal with a carabiner, and is made from recycled plastic. In addition, we have created a system in which purchasers can easily contribute to ocean protection by purchasing these recyclable eco bags.

Each Tasini bag is made from two recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, by using this bag, we can reduce the number of plastic bags that pollute the ocean by 400 per year. Tasini is based in Indonesia, a country beloved by divers, and uses proceeds to sponsor environmental education programs in local schools, fund local conservation projects, and donate Tasini ecobags to communities. As a supporter of Fair Trade, Tasini thinks globally and acts locally for the planet and its creatures.


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