Ethical life food set
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Ethical life food set
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Ethical life food set

Ethical life food set

Japanese original products

This is an ethical life food set that includes ``PADI x EARTH FRIENDLY biodegradable food bags in three sizes'' and ``cutlery made from coffee beans.'' And the first 100 people will receive < 1 PADI x SUTENAI silicone straw > !

<PADI x EARTH FRIENDLY biodegradable food bag>

Food bags ( S , M , L ) can be used in all sorts of situations, such as storing ingredients and refrigerating / freezing them.
The L size is just the right size to carry your wet swimsuit home after diving.
Food bags made from the biodegradable plastic PEVA can replace single-use plastic zip bags and plastic wrap, helping to reduce plastic waste.
It is also a compostable product after it is used up.

Size: 3 different sizes
S size ( length: 12cm width: 21.5cm)
M size (length: 18.4cm width: 21.8cm)
L size (length: 28cm width: 27.3cm)
Material: 100% PEVA (biodegradable plastic)
Heat-resistant temperature: Can be frozen and refrigerated. Heat-resistant temperature [50 degrees] ~ [-30 degrees]
Care instructions: Wash with dish detergent and can be used repeatedly

<Cutlery set>

Three types of easy-to-use spoons, forks, and chopsticks made from upcycled real coffee beans are packaged in a special portable case.

This is an upcycled product that uses the bean grounds left after coffee extraction, which would normally be discarded, to reduce waste and the amount of synthetic resin used.
Convenient for lunch, camping, and everyday use.

Size: Spoon/total length 15.5cm, fork/total length 14.3cm, chopsticks/total length 18cm, case/21 x 6 x 3.2cm
Material: Polypropylene (contains coffee grounds)

< 1 PADI x SUTENAI silicone straw >

Unlike traditional straws, this silicone straw does not require a special cleaning brush and can be easily cleaned by opening the contents with your fingers.
If you want to be eco-friendly and economical, but you can't keep trying to be eco-friendly, use this straw to easily and easily start living a SUTENAI life!

Size: Diameter: 9mm/Length: 220mm
Material: silicone rubber