Tasini Shark Keychain / Reusable Bag
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Tasini Shark Keychain / Reusable Bag
Regular price ¥1,980
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Tasini Shark Keychain / Reusable Bag

Tasini Shark Keychain / Reusable Bag

Break your plastic habit with Tasini and PADI. This could quite possibly be our favorite stuffed shark – primarily because it makes conservation easy and fun. A reusable shopping bag, hidden inside a blue and grey, plush shark key chain, it is made from recycled plastic bottles collected in Indonesia. Use as your keychain, or clip onto your purse or backpack, and you’ll always have a bag when you need one. Featuring favorite marine species as “ambassadors”, these bags are also great conversation starters about the issues facing the ocean.


• Reusable shopping bag hidden inside a plush shark

• Carribeaner clip serves as keychain or quick attachment to another bag

• Great for travel: easy to carry and lightweight

• Innovative, lighthearted and fun

• Great for all the ocean lovers in your life

• Reusable bag is made from two recycled bottles

• Just ONE Tasini can save around 400 plastic bags a year from polluting our oceans

• Machine washable

• Available in two styles: a shark and a turtle


Size: 4” L X 1 ¼” H X 1 ½” W

Weight: Approx. 1.5 oz


• Foldable Bag: Recycled Polyester Polymer made with post consumer plastic waste

• Plush Character: Polyester Plush Fabric

• Carabiner + Keyring: Aluminum Alloy

Care Instructions:

• Machine washable; use cold water

• Remove keychain and carabiner before washing

• Do not use bleach

• Hang dry – do not use dryer or iron

• Do not dry clean

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PADI LOVES Tasini because they believe conservation is most effective when it is easy and fun. We couldn’t agree more! Winner of the United Nations Plastic Pollution Innovation Award, Tasini produces conversation-starting reusable bags that not only feature the marine animals they are protecting, but are made from recycled plastic as well. One Tasini bag is made from 2 recycled plastic bottles – and can save up to 400 plastic bags from polluting the ocean. Based in Indonesia - a country divers know and love -Tasini uses proceeds to sponsor eco-educational programs within local schools, fund regional conservation projects and donate bags to at risk communities. A fair trade supporter, Tasini is thinking globally and acting locally, for the planet and all its inhabitants.

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Strangulation Hazard: Long Cord. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Choking Hazard: Small Parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.