Trshbg Ocean Cleanup Bag
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Trshbg Ocean Cleanup Bag
Regular price ¥5,060
Sale price ¥5,060 Regular price ¥6,360
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Trshbg Ocean Cleanup Bag

Trshbg Ocean Cleanup Bag

PADI Gear is closing the loop with Trshbg. Not only is much of our gear made from recycled ocean plastic, now we are bringing you an essential diving accessory to start the clean up process. Made from recycled materials and designed to be extremely comfortable as well as streamlined, this handy hip bag is the perfect diving accessory. Turn your adventure into a dual mission to clean up the planet by attaching the sustainable clean up bag onto your hip and leg anytime you head out. You’ll always be prepared to collect trash in a sanitary manner and then dispose of it properly when you can.

Every one who loves our blue planet needs this trash bag.


  • Ergonomic design for water lovers. Designed to be streamlined and efficient – only slightly positively buoyant with little drag
  • Keeps trash where it should be and ensures you are still hands-free while collecting trash
  • Universal fit with an adjustable, clip-on straps for hip and thigh
  • Better than a mesh bag – with less chance of damaging coral and undersea ecosystems.
  • Easy to use, keeps trash in place
  • Expands to allow a significant amount of collection
  • Features zipper for easy emptying
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Hand made in Indonesia by waterlovers
  • No two designs are the same – you are truly buying a bespoke, unique bag
  • Leg buckle for quick mount and quick release
  • Velcro lock at leg belt for extra hold
  • Wave & current safe: proven to keep trash inside the bag | Tested in waves up to 6 feet
  • Extra leg padding and waist padding for extra comfort
  • Dries quickly and is easy to pack
  • Symmetrical design for left and right leg


  • Height: 12 inch, Width: 14 inch, Thickness: 1 inch
  • Volume: 3.8 liters
  • Weight: 0.6 kg

*Please note, Trshbgs are made from recycled banners so no two are alike. The product image is only a representation of the design - and not the exact color you will receive. In that these are recycled products, you are getting a truly unique bag!

80% recycled including: recycled innertubes from scooter tires & recycled banners


  • Wear on dominant hand, on the side of your leg or more to your back. The buckle should be slightly below your hip bone.
  • When diving, wear the bag below your weight belt. The weight belt should be above and on top of the bag.
  • Adjust to fit using adjuster. Make it tight, so the bag doesn’t move around. Leg strap, not too tight, leave a finger of room for bending space. Leg strap must go through Velcro lock, for stability in surf and dives
  • Put trash through the sleeve, make sure the zipper is closed through the velcro lock.
  • Empty on shore through zipper in an appropriate trash place.
  • Be careful with sharp and heavy objects.


  • Rinse off salt water & sand after use
  • Hang to dry out of sun


PADI partnered with TrshBg because we share both the same passion and mission. The revolutionary and highly functional hip bag allow every diver to become a Torchbearer for our blue planet, cleaning up the ocean on every dive, beach walk, paddle and hike. The bags are handmade in Indonesia, supporting the local community and providing ongoing income that is not only desperately needed, but in stark comparison to many other destructive, short term occupations. What’s more, the bags are also made of recycled materials, designed by watermen to ensure they are so comfortable and streamlined that you’ll never know they are there…. until you need to pick up trash.